Scripturally-based discipleship

Maize Plant Discipleship is a scripturally-based learning resource designed to be practical, relevant and accessible to leaders and learners in African and other Majority World contexts.

  • Scripturally-based discipleship refers to a pattern of learning and vocational service, guided by interaction with scripture, in relationship to others and led by the Spirit of God.
  • Practical means focussed on contextual missionary action, rather than abstract theology.
  • Relevant means “scratching where people are itching” by employing culturally appropriate content and methodology (pedagogy).
  • Accessible means “creating a level playing field,” by lowering barriers and bridging divides.

Literacy and orality

To achieve these aims in a culturally-appropriate manner, Maize Plant Discipleship attempts to bridge between cultures of orality and literacy, which typically relate to the world quite differently, reflecting their different capacities and values.

Literacy typically facilitates, establishes, strengthens:

  • codification
  • study
  • categorisation
  • curricula
  • concentration of power.

Orality typically facilitates, establishes, strengthens:

  • function and role of memory
  • testimony
  • apprenticeship
  • group dynamics
  • ethnic and cultural identity and values.

Maize Plant Discipleship is a literary resource formulated to facilitate scripturally-based discipleship, in oral contexts.

  • Facilitators orally present study topics to a group, using literary study resources.
  • Learners reflect on the studies together, using questions to prompt group discussions.
  • Discussion questions are open-ended, rather than binary, to encourage authentically exploratory discussions, rather than rote repetition.
  • Facilitators are encourged to facilitate open, exploratory discussion in which all members of the groups are encouraged to contribute.