What is Maize Plant Discipleship?

A modular learning resource providing a series of scripturally-based studies, designed to be practical, relevant and accessible for use in African contexts.

Derived and road-tested in collaboration with African leaders and learners and formulated in response to doctoral research conducted in Burkina Faso, Maize Plant Discipleship handbooks are designed to be practical, relevant and accessible in African contexts:

  • 15 modular handbooks
  • Incorporating 60 scripturally-based studies
  • Using accessible language and concepts
  • Tailored to small learning groups
  • Including reflective topical discussions
  • Bridging between literacy and orality
  • Suitable for formal and informal study
  • Licensed to be distributed freely
  • Able to be reproduced economically.

How is Maize Plant Discipleship  delivered?

Educators and facilitators are licensed to freely access, use, distribute, print, translate, republish and reprint Maize Plant Discipleship resources.

To facilitate group-based learning that draws whole communities into patterns of scripturally- based discipleship, in living dialogue with contextual culture, the Resource Handbook and Syllabus Modules are being published in multiple formats:

  • PDF e-book: for group reflection or personal study (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • Plain-text files: for translation and re-publication.
  • E-learning: for online study (in development)
  • Print-ready PDFs: including full-colour cover designs, for economical A5 handbook printing (typically 48–52pp.)