What is Maize Plant Discipleship?

A form of scripturally-based discipleship intended to equip people from all walks of life to live a robust and creative life of faithful service to God and neighbour. 

Formulated in collaboration with African leaders and learners, incorporating doctoral research in Burkina Faso, West Africa, Maize Plant Discipleship is designed to be practical, relevant and accessible in African contexts, as a series of modular resources:

  • tailored to small learning groups
  • based around reflective group discussion
  • suitable for formal and informal study
  • linguistically accessible
  • able to be reproduced economically
  • licensed to be distributed freely.

How is Maize Plant Discipleship  delivered?

Local facilitators are licensed to freely access, use, distribute, print, translate and republish Maize Plant Discipleship resources.

Fifteen modules offer 60+ themed studies, containing multiple topics, scripture references, readings and reflective questions intended to facilitate explorative, inclusive group learning, based around themed reflective discussions that bridge between literacy and orality.

  • Modules and Resource Handbook available as digital downloads
  • Licensed for study and electronic re-distribution
  • Licensed for printing, distribution, translation, republication.